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Instructional Technology Award

Deanship of Academic Development is pleased to call for applications for the Instructional Technology Award. This is a University award to support effective utilization of technology in education. For details please read the guidelines:

If you have used instructional technology in teaching and you are interested to apply for the award then please send following information before Thursday, November 08, 2018 to

Phone Number:
E-mail Address:

Please send following information for the course(s) you are teaching in the current semester and you would like to be considered for the award:

Course Number:
Course Title:
Section Number(s):

Kindly review the guidelines for award eligibility, criteria, and other details before applying for the award. Please only provide the personal and course information as given above to apply for the award. This is the only information needed for the time being. The deanship will contact you in due time for other required information. For any further information please contact at Tel: 1601/1630 or write to

Thank you
Deanship of Academic Development